Satan123's Saint Seiya Tv Review

Rated: 5

Presentation is bad....seriously bad.....
Lack of humour in this anime ( c'mon , at least give us so humour like the ones did in Samurai X.)...... main characters get beaten into a pulp ( yeah...some even not wearing their armor for protection ) and still manage to defeat their enemies.....and what i hate most is that the characters have only one move or skill and they used it everytime to defeat their enemies ...( heck..... same skill may not work again as we already knew how to deal with it right? unless you are a brainless jackass......but they use it over and over again to defeat their moron enemies .........>_< )so no logical explanation here............
one more thing....the story is meant with a sad storyline....with some of the saints ( side characters ) died in battles .......

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Satan123's Beyblade Tv Review

Rated: 1

Bad, bad presentation, or the worst. Seems ridiculous to call a beast out of a spinning top ( can i just call a dragon out from my spoon???)
The premise wasn't that interesting: Hot airbag of a hero challenges bully into a Beyblade match, bully loses. Another dark, brooding guy literally jumps into the scene, hero challenges dark brooding guy, loses and kicks off the rest of the plot, which consists of a bunch of kids challenging each other to see whose top gets broken first (or at least fly off and topple!) in internationally telecasted tournaments and practically anywhere the occasion arises.

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Satan123's Flame of Recca Tv Review

Rated: 7

The anime is well presented, although you will be a bit confused at the beginning but everything is slowly revealed as the story progresses.There's lots of humour in this anime because the good guys ( almost everyone are idiots ) . They just cant make things right.( and yeah, i'm sure lots of people like the main lead get beaten up when he said something wrong about his girlfriend or getting fooled by others.) When it goes to the fighting part, it is fun to watch and somehow exciting as you will find a lot of diffrent moves. ( exclude the main lead ). when it comes to originality, this anime is lack of it. As i said it before, some fighting moves are copied from other animes.

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